12 passenger vans

12 passenger vans

A 12 passenger van is the most appropriate vehicle for fulfilling transport requirements of large groups. These vans provide innovative features and sophisticated technologies that deliver excellent performance and handling on the road.

Best 8 seater suv vehicles

8 seater suv vehicles

If you want to buy a family car, you might be looking for comfortable and fuel efficient 8 passenger suv vehicles. Besides the powerful SUVs, there are many vehicles that provide excellent safety, efficiency and reliability ratings. However, when it comes to comfort during the travel, the three row seating arrangements are not that much comfortable.

Best family cars

best family cars

The Best Cars for Families awards introduce the best featured cars, minivans and SUVs that bring traveling comforts for the whole family. The winners are selected on the basis of available space within the vehicle, critical reviews from the professionals in the automotive sector and several innovative features that bring comfort in the family or group traveling. That’s why the award-winning vehicles provide the best in reliability and safety.

Best trucks 2014

best trucks 2014

The new models of half-ton trucks not only provide sheer force, but they are also very fuel efficient. We evaluate various models of these the big trucks for four days to select the champion beast that delivers maximum power with better fuel economy.
It seems people don’t want to compromise on pickups.

Hybrid cars 2014

Best Hybrid Cars 2014

In the United States, fuel efficient hybrid passenger vehicles were launched for the first time in 1999 and since then, alternative-energy passenger vehicles market is substantially expanding as the leading automobile manufacturers have taken the challenge to design a more efficient vehicle.

Electric Utility Vehicles

The electric utility vehicles are the most efficient and effective ways to go around. They are useful for almost any application like farms, gated communities or even golf courses. The electric utility vehicles are environment friendly and are available in various models and sizes depending on their application. They are light in weight and are becoming very popular by the day.